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Totall Cell Phone Solution Is Here

    1202.1203.1661.5030 imie change100% ok


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    1202.1203.1661.5030 imie change100% ok Empty 1202.1203.1661.5030 imie change100% ok

    Post by Admin Sun Jun 20, 2010 11:06 pm

    these models not possible imie change with patch method yet

    here is a 100% ok salution

    (1) just replace uem with any 1200or 1208

    (2) repair rpl with mx-key or any other logers

    (3) unlock it with mx-key unloker or dct4+ unloker

    (4) your phone imie will patched permanatly not return back after flash

    dont patch imie after chnge uem ,when you chnge uem your imie will changed)

    just chek this method and rply me

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