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Totall Cell Phone Solution Is Here

    15.10.2010, SagemEG_V17.8 released! >>> Huawei G2200C\G2201C are now supprted! <<<

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    THNKED 15.10.2010, SagemEG_V17.8 released! >>> Huawei G2200CG2201C are now supprted! <<<

    Post by anowar_virus Fri Oct 15, 2010 7:56 pm

    15.10.2010, SagemEG_V17.8 released!

    What`s new?

    Added support for HUAWEI G2200C and HUAWEI G2201C, world first as usually!
    Of course solution is SAFE as usually !

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Firmware: 09.03.03:21.38.01:09.04.00:ULC2GPRS
    <BLOCKQUOTE>Supported versions:
    <BLOCKQUOTE>HUAWEI G2200CV100R001COLC87B202SEC - surprise for Colombian unlockers!
    <BLOCKQUOTE>HUAWEI G2201CV100R001PAKC19B102SEC - surprise for Pakistan unlockers!

    </BLOCKQUOTE>>>>> Report from happy customer :

    Elapsed Time: 00:00:42
    Required Time: 00:00:35

    Direct unlock succeeded.
    Remove the battery and then insert it again!
    Press Power ON shortly!
    IMEI: 3596200300xxx82
    Firmware: 09.03.03:21.38.01:09.04.00:ULC2GPRS

    <BLOCKQUOTE>How to read phone version? - Use sevice code : *964167#

    <BLOCKQUOTE>Download link: Rapidshare link

    </BLOCKQUOTE>Fastest and safest E-Gold unlocker.
    All phones with old boot are supported also
    (absolutelly free for all registered SagDD and rocker dongle users).

    Non stop updates in last 6 15.10.2010, SagemEG_V17.8 released! >>> Huawei G2200C\G2201C are now supprted! <<<  Smile Years.

    SagDD support continues!

    Don't forget to give yours vote for SagDD team : Furious(Pack3) Vs Sagdd Egold

    Good luck!

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